Xavier High School

I remember my first day at Xavier extremely well. I had algebra first, followed with litature. I had my first community period, then spanish. I remember that I went to my next class, art, but only to find out that that period was lunch. I remember spending lunch in the 5F lounge, then going to art, then going back to the 5F lounge for a free period. I remember my last period of the day being global, and then going home. Over my first year at Xavier, I have been extremely happy. I was able to make new friends, play sports, and join clubs, among other things. I went on the Costa Rica trip, something challenging for a freshman (especially for the fact that I didn't know anybody going on the trip) that I would highly recommend. Also, I made rugby, which was a big accomplishment for me. Overall, my first year here at Xavier went extremely well, due to the fact that I was able to make new friends, and accomplish things I did not know I was capable of.

Xavier and Stuff

My Future at Xavier

At Xavier, I Hope To...
  1. - Disprove the belief that dinosaurs once walked on this beutiful Earth (See here).
  2. - Find a way to succsefully live and grow food in Antartica (Global warming is a hoax).
  3. - Build up the courage to ride the subway alone.
  4. - Air Matress