Top Ten Top Ten Lists

As people, we often seek out the knowledge of what is the best of the best in a certain catagory. That being said, it is not uncommon for peoople to catagorize these in lists of ten. I now present to you: The Top Ten Top Ten Lists.

  1. 10 Ways The Maori Made Life Hell For The New Zealand Colonials

    A Few Dudes and Stuff
    When the British Colonials first arrived in New Zealand, they where sure to be as hard on them as possible. This lead the British to suffer as they first started to colonize their new territory. Find the original list here.

  2. Top Ten Poisons Used to Kill People

    Some Cyanide and Stuff
    Another important list made by Listverse is the top ten different types of poisononous substances to people. Find the list here.

  3. Top Ten Phoenix Attractions

    A City and Stuff
    If you ever need a good plan for visiting the most okay city in the United States, then you could find a good list of them here.

  4. Top Ten Dumbest Michelle Bachmann Quotes

    Michelle Bachmann and Stuff
    I don't know who Michelle Bachmann is, but these are certainly some dumb Michelle Bachmann quotes that were said by Michelle Bachmann. Michelle Bachmann. Here.

  5. Top Ten Scientific Flaws In The Theory of Prehistoric Dinosaurs

    The Hand of God and Stuff
    Long and behold, a theory about the nonexistance of dinosaurs. Find the {ridiculous} top ten list here.

  6. Ten things to expect after AF ablation

    An AF Ablation and Stuff
    An AF Ablation is a very advanced and complex operation. If you ever have to go through one, here are ten things to expect.

  7. 10 Reasons That Aliens Probably Exist

    An Alien and Stuff
    The idea that there are beings that are higher than us outside of the known usiverse is an idea long doubted. Here is a list that doubts the doubters.

  8. The 10 Fastest Jet Skis in the World

    A Jet Ski and Stuff
    Jet skis are really cool. Their especially cool when they go fast. Find a list of fast jet skis here.

  9. Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Chicken

    A Chicken and Stuff
    Here is PETA's list on why to not eat chicken or any chicken products.

  10. My Grocery List

    Groceries and Stuff
    After school, I'm planning to go to Whole Foods. Here is ten items that I am planning on getting.